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Come and learn different Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® techniques and the application of the different Annie Sloan Paints & Wax techniques. Hosted by Louise who has been trained by Annie Sloan, these informal workshops will give you the necessary skills to develop your own personal style and give you the confidence to start your own projects. The workshops lasts for approx 2 hours and are suitable for complete beginners, those looking for a refresher and those wanted to move to the next level.

We run Techniques 1 for beginners or those looking for a refresher and Techniques 2 for those you have already done the first course and are more confident.

Each course is for a maximum of 6 people in a relaxed friendly atmosphere, we even serve tea and cake!

Each attendee receives a 10% discount on Annie Sloan products at the end of the course.


Annie Sloan Workshops

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